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 Do our parents really understand us?

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Ultimate ReBeL
Ultimate ReBeL

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PostSubject: Do our parents really understand us?   Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:01 pm

Every now and then we argue with our parents... Sometimes it can get very annoying...
Especially if there is an subject they are not letting go off... Like: responsibility... honesty... chores... Sometimes we ask ourself whether they have a soul at all?! Have they ever been in our position? They have... In my opinion they either forgot how it looks like beeing a teenager or they just lived in a different time and had a different experience. It's not like they don't want to understand us... but I think that sometimes they simply can't. Times our changing and so our expectations, our behaviour, attitude...
They just need to find a way to accept it.

Vive tu vida!
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Baybe ReBeL
Baybe ReBeL

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PostSubject: Re: Do our parents really understand us?   Thu Apr 26, 2007 10:00 pm

That is a very difficult question. First of all not all parents are the same. We all have argues in the family an that is not the problem unless we do not understand them or they don't understand us, their or our demmands and worries.... It is hard to be a parent to a teenager as it is to be trapped in your house with them.... I know that my and most aprents love their children, many of them do not say it or even admitt it but they love U... The just want whats best for you sometimes it is a big demmand but later some * I repeat SOME* of those demmands will be the guiding light in our lives. They are turning on the light bulbs on the dark runway of life where we must land sa soon as possible :p

Hope some of these lines help us....
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Do our parents really understand us?
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